Hero Electronics

Hero Electronics, started in 2004 specializing in sound systems of all kinds We are distinguished by a wide variety of our Egyptian products our slogan "Sound manufacturers", hope to rise in our quality and diversity.



we try our best to develop the audio industry in Egypt to find for our customers the appropriate solutions with high quality and guarantee.


Sound system is a very important field, as it exists in all personal and public places, therefore we try our best to produce the appropriate solutions with high quality and guarantee to our customers.



We make things happen for our customers and ourselves by putting innovation and creativity at the forefront of all our operations, yielding remarkable results.


We are personally committed to the success of our clients, as much as we are to our company. That’s why, we will exert every effort to develop and deliver strategic and innovative solutions that will always set us apart from competition, while ensuring your business is always ahead.


We strongly believe in coordinated effort, hence, we work together as a team to meet clients’ diversified needs through competence, creativity and constant collaboration to impress.


We deal with integrity and respect with our clients, and partners alike, as well as amongst ourselves , taking personal responsibility for our actions and results, while expecting others to do the same.


We embrace every challenge with enthusiasm, committing ourselves to the highest levels of achievement by setting excellence as our main goal and key drive.